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As a leader in the events management industry, Purple Patch have had over 15 years of experience designing and running conferences. Bespoke set design is just one of the features included in our conference management service. We’ve created dynamic stage backdrops for all manner of companies in London, impressing our clients with our innovative yet streamlined approach.

What Does Conference Stage Set Design Include?

The staging and backdrop of your conference is an integral element of the overall design. It’s equally significant to the AV components, able to have a high impact while pulling the whole design together. At Purple Patch, the conference stage set design goes through a few phases.

In the initial planning phases, we’ll consult with you about set design and backdrops. Based on your brand’s needs and current marketing goals, we’ll create a mockup of our vision for your set design. Your options are limitless when it comes to your conference stage. We can do anything from classic red curtain awards-style stages to putting your audience inside a giant iceberg! Our resourceful and focussed approach to conference design allows us to push the boundaries of stage design, taking your conference to the next level.

Set Design Planning Phase

 Stage Screens

After the mockup and planning phase, we’ll get your approval. When it comes time to set up the conference, we’ll bring your bespoke set design to life. We can work with one screen, multiple, or none at all. A popular conference trend is ultra-widescreen stages, to really capture your audience’s attention. We can work with these too, developing the best solution to express your brand’s message to attendees.

For smaller events that require a more straightforward set design, we have stock panels that can be set up with any colour you choose. Sometimes, achieving that wow factor only takes a simple but effective stage design. Whatever your conference needs, Purple Patch can deliver the conference stage design for you.

Our Tips for Conference Stage Design?

  • Make It Visible – Your stage is where your presenter will be, so naturally, that’s where the audience’s attention should be. Make your stage stand out from the rest of the conference, so attendees know where to look when the presentation starts. A notable backdrop will capture and hold attention during the conference.
  • Make AV Cords Invisible – While your stage and screens should be highly visible, your AV cords and equipment should not be. With Purple Patch’s bespoke stage design, we always find creative ways to keep the bulky, functional parts of the stage hidden. That way, your audience can focus on the presenter and the backdrop without being distracted by the equipment.
  • Create Personality – The stage design is your chance to show off your brand’s identity! This area of the conference will likely receive the most attention, so take advantage of it. Whatever your brand voice it – playful, serious, quirky – let it come across with your set design. We work extensively with you to ensure your conference – stage backdrop included – is a seamless extension of your broader marketing goals.
  • Coordinate the Screen and Presenter Position – Putting the screen in a position to clash with the presenter is one of the biggest mistakes we see in conference stage design! If your presenter will be moving around the stage during their talk, position the screen above them. Or, put the screen to the side of a stationary presenter. Making the audience watch the screen and the presenter at the same time is the quickest way to lose their attention.
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The team at Purple Patch are always striving to improve and search for new techniques and fresh ideas. We actively engage with our clients to take on-board their feedback on every aspect of the service they receive. Brands know that we care deeply about the success of their conferences and they can rely on us to achieve their objectives.

This has seen us continue to grow and expand into new and exciting industries, lending our expertise to some of the largest organisations. We work with brands like Sainsbury’s in an ongoing capacity on a variety of specialist conferences, producing clearly defined results based on their targets. Purple Patch are meeting organisers that create dynamic events that matter, always working to make sure your conference is the very best it can be.

Why Purple Patch?

        Dedicated conference production managers to handle each project


        Dedicated teams to manage the whole event management process, from end-to-end, including but not limited to build, design, Audio-Video Production, on-site support, tech support, etc.


        Decades of combined experience working in the corporate event management sector

What’s Included in Our Conference Production Service?

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Video and Projection


Filming and Recording


Bespoke set design




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The list doesn’t end here. Get in touch with us to learn more about what all services are a part of the conference production packages we offer. We offer bespoke conference production services to suit our client’s requirements, and make sure we go that “extra mile” for them.

With a proper plan in place, we can together achieve all our goals, without fail. If you’re interested to avail our conference production services and make your event a major success, send us a brief today! We will get back to you with our proposal as quickly as possible.


Now, that you know what level of conference production services we provide, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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