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Big corporate events require big logistics solutions. As many London and UK organisations hosting an event find out, there are several logistical aspects to take into consideration. There’s procurement, distribution, storage, tracking, disposal, clean up, and more. Each of these tasks has a long list of sub-tasks associated with it as well, sometimes requiring specialists to complete. 


When you hire a corporate event planner, you want to ensure that the logistics and travel details are managed as well as the event. As a holistic events management services agency, Purple Patch provide logistics and travel arrangements as part of our broader corporate event planning. You can be sure that we’ll cover all aspects of the events, from the conference backdrop to the venue’s parking access. 

Our Logistics Services for Event Management

What exactly is included in event logistics? It’s planning and managing both tangible and intangible operations related to broader event planning and management. Logistics can involve liaising with appropriate municipal administration for possible permits or licenses, transportation facilitation by rail, car, or plane for your event’s guests, developing emergency plans, or supporting documentation for imported equipment for events abroad. 


We also usually break event logistics down into one of the following categories.


Venue Logistics – All venues will have a unique set of logistics to deal with. Set design, deliveries, and AV setup are only a few of the many details related to venue logistics. The professionals at Purple Patch can coordinate each of these, ensuring the event runs smoothly with the chosen venue.


Delivery Management – Making deliveries to the event is not so simple. Suppliers and vendors must know the loading schedules and complete the necessary security checks for deliveries.


Warehousing and Distribution – Your corporate event may require your infrastructure and assets to be housed off-site, until the date of the event. For example, conventions or expositions often include large displays for demonstrations. We might have to keep these materials in a warehouse and coordinate their movement to the venue just before the event.


Traffic Management – For large expos or conferences, traffic surrounding the venue could be a concern. As part of our logistics services, we’ll develop a traffic plan for your event, complete with contingency options.


Asset Tracking – When the event is over, there’s clean up and disposal to do. Venues expect you to return their space to its condition before you arrived. Purple Patch will devise a plan for asset tracking and bump out logistics, ensuring your organisation isn’t penalised for the state you leave the venue in. 

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Why Purple Patch for your Event’s Logistics and Travel? 

Purple Patch can take the complicated mess of event logistics and travel and streamline it into a smooth process. We’ve organised and managed countless corporate events of various sizes, so we know exactly what’s required from the logistical side of things. If you’ve never planned an event before, there are likely dozens of small details you haven’t considered. Our job is to cover each of those aspects, coming up with solutions so you don’t have to. 


At Purple Patch, we take a holistic, straightforward approach to corporate event planning. We pass our values for honest, effective events onto our clients, creating unforgettable conferences and conventions. Our direct method is especially relevant to logistics management, since a transparent, organised strategy is vital in this area for an event’s success.

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Our portfolio continues to grow with every passing year, organising dozens of events for small and large organisations. Businesses trust in the expertise and ability of our event planners to find a solution that doesn’t only provide what they need, but delivers beyond expectation. It’s why we’ve managed key events for retail giants such as Sainsbury’s, targeting specific audiences in specialist markets.

After spending so many years in the events industry we’ve established longstanding relationships with suppliers and venues. Like our customers, they know and trust in our ability to put together a professional and well-run corporate event. In turn, this gives us access to preferential booking rates, dates and the best possible deals, making the most of your available budget.

At Purple Patch we take a fresh approach that sets us apart from other corporate events companies. This is your event and not ours – which is why we take the time to listen and deliver everything you expect. Our clients invest in us because we invest in them – becoming an invaluable partner that will never let you down when you need us the most.

Purple Patch is Your Partner for Logistics Management

Thanks do our years of experience planning and managing corporate events, conferences, meetings, expos, conventions, and roadshows, We are one of the experienced event companies London and can produce the best event for your brand. In working with you regularly, we’ll capture your messaging and overall event goals, while looking after all the logistical and travel details. 


For more info about our corporate event management services, see our pages on Meeting Planning, Promotional Events, and International Events. Or get in touch with us – we’d be happy to discuss our services with you.

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