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Corporate parties with intriguing themes are more likely to make an impression on guests. When you plan a party for your company, it might be to celebrate a milestone, reward your employees for their hard work, build morale, or hand out awards. Whatever the reason behind your event, adding a unique theme will make it unforgettable for your colleagues. 

At Purple Patch, we work with organisations to create themed corporate parties and events. We deliver fully realised events, from design and concept phases through to the night of the party. Our experts have designed bespoke corporate events all over London and the UK, helping companies dazzle attendees. When your party guests are your own employees, you want to throw a stunning, one-of-kind of themed party that will have your team talking about it for years to come. 

Our event management experts design and implement innovative, dynamic corporate themed parties for your company.

What’s Included in Themed Corporate Party Services? 

Putting together a themed corporate party feels like a never-ending process. You always have more tasks to complete and it seems like something is always going wrong. If you have little experience managing corporate events, hosting your company’s party can quickly feel overwhelming. 

Our comprehensive themed corporate party services ensure that your party matches your vision, without you having to sacrifice all your time to get it done. We can manage every detail of the party, no matter how small. Our services encompass venue location, hiring caterers, finding entertainment, arranging party activities, designing the event stage and layout, decorating, and producing a film of the event. 

We use a straightforward, no-nonsense process to manage corporate parties. We start by asking you what you hope to get out of this party, and what kind of experience you want your employees to have. Once we know your goals, we can determine a timeline and create budgets for each of the themed party’s elements. We create a bespoke plan for your corporate event, tailored specifically to your vision and party needs.

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The Benefits of working with Purple Patch for Themed Parties

Having worked in the events industry in London and the UK for 15+ years, Purple Patch have a large network of contacts in catering, entertainment, and venue management to call upon. By working with us, you’ll have access to some of the best the events industry has to offer. 

You want your themed corporate party to be a smashing success, but you may not have the time or resources to pull it off. By letting event professionals handle the details and logistics of your themed party, you can ensure your employees will have a good time. 

Themed parties involve many elements, and when you manage such an event yourself, you have to contact every single supplier, vendor, and person involved with your event. At Purple Patch, we serve as an intermediary between you and all these event services, becoming your single point of contact regarding your event. We simplify communication so you can focus on what really matters.

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Our portfolio continues to grow with every passing year, organising dozens of events for small and large organisations. Businesses trust in the expertise and ability of our event planners to find a solution that doesn’t only provide what they need, but delivers beyond expectation. It’s why we’ve managed key events for retail giants such as Sainsbury’s, targeting specific audiences in specialist markets.

After spending so many years in the events industry we’ve established longstanding relationships with suppliers and venues. Like our customers, they know and trust in our ability to put together a professional and well-run corporate event. In turn, this gives us access to preferential booking rates, dates and the best possible deals, making the most of your available budget.

At Purple Patch we take a fresh approach that sets us apart from other corporate events companies. This is your event and not ours – which is why we take the time to listen and deliver everything you expect. Our clients invest in us because we invest in them – becoming an invaluable partner that will never let you down when you need us the most.

Purple Patch – Your Corporate Events Partner

Do you need assistance with your company’s upcoming themed party? Get in contact with Purple Patch and we can help you make it happen. We have the three things you need for a successful event: experience, creativity, and a straightforward approach. The only thing missing is your company.

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