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Filling The Communications Gap

With the spread of COVID-19 halting business operations for organisations all over the globe, communication has never been more imperative. As more teams start operating remotely, they’re turning to video conferencing and live streaming applications to keep productivity up. But what about the communications gap between companies and external entities, like customers or other organisations?


To combat this communications gap, Purple Patch Group are now offering live streaming conferences and virtual events. With our live stream events, companies can expect the same attention to detail and top-notch event management services that we provide with in-person events. If you’re weighing whether to cancel your upcoming event or conference, consider our live streaming events services first.

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Live Streaming Conferences With Arla Foods UK

Arla Foods UK comprises around 2400 UK dairy farmers (members). The company relies on communicating with its members throughout the year via a series of major events and ‘town hall’ meetings.


With the advent of Coronavirus – the instruction across Europe was to postpone all physical meetings.

Arla’s request to Purple Patch was simple – how can they at a week’s notice communicate remotely with all of their farmers – delivering their update presentation, and more importantly allowing for an interactive dialogue with farmers across the UK.

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How The Live Streaming Works 

To hold a large conference or event virtually, you need more capabilities than what Skype or Office 365 Teams can provide.

Using the application Slido, we’re able to achieve the following:


  • Broadcast your event to a selected audience
  • Secure delegate log-in
  • Enable interaction during the presentation
  • Send a recording of the conference to delegates who were unable to view it live


Logistically, the details are simple. What you’ll need:


  • Your regular conference or presentation materials
  • A quiet, 5m x 5m room at minimum
  • A hard-wired internet port with at least 10MM upload speed

What’s Involved in Live Streaming?

Purple Patch provides everything else required to host the virtual conference. We include:


  • Technical equipment to record, film, live stream, and upload the broadcast
  • Camera operator
  • Producer
  • Sound engineer
  • Graphics operator
  • Broadcast engineer
  • Any audiovisual equipment and backup services we provide at regular events 

Providing An Interactive Virtual Event

An important component of live events is interactivity. With our virtual events services, you won’t have to sacrifice on audience engagement. Nor will you worry about security and accessibility. 


With the Slido app, we can enable delegates to comment, ask questions, or even vote during the live stream


Accessing the virtual conference or meeting with our solution is easy as well. Delegates don’t need to download or install any software, they only need a decent WiFi or 4G internet connection. If they can stream YouTube videos over their connection, then they can view your virtual event through the Slido app


To secure your event, we can create a password-protected log-in page. We’ll generate a unique set of credentials for each participant and quickly send them out


With our live stream events, you have the option to hold multiple sessions. Your delegates can join whichever session is most convenient for them. For those who don’t have the option to live stream your broadcast, we can also set up a secure conference call number. Finally, once your virtual event has concluded, we’ll deliver a fully produced and edited version of the broadcast that you can send out afterward.


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What Our Clients Say

A Complete Purple Patch Event Service – Only Streamed!

Purple Patch Group is an inclusive professional event solution. With our in-person events, we’ve prided ourselves on handling every aspect of event planning and management. Our virtual event services are no different. Our services, both traditional and virtual, include:


  • Audiovisual support
  • Venue management (locating the right venues for virtual broadcasts can be just as tricky as live ones!)
  • Production design (you’ll still need a well-designed stage, platform or table for a live stream, even if it’s scaled down a bit)
  • Event filming
  • Presentation support, graphics, and any other required accompaniments
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The team at Purple Patch are always striving to improve and search for new techniques and fresh ideas. We actively engage with our clients to take on-board their feedback on every aspect of the service they receive. Brands know that we care deeply about the success of their conferences and they can rely on us to achieve their objectives.

This has seen us continue to grow and expand into new and exciting industries, lending our expertise to some of the largest organisations. We work with brands like Sainsbury’s in an ongoing capacity on a variety of specialist conferences, producing clearly defined results based on their targets. Purple Patch are meeting organisers that create dynamic events that matter, always working to make sure your conference is the very best it can be. We are one of the Experienced & best event companies London.