Arla Regen

Arla Regen Virtual Event


Back in mid September 2021, we managed a series of films for Arla, across six different countries that they trade in about their Regen launch.

Their main aim was to focus on Regenerative agriculture, making better use of natural resources on the land, letting grass replenish itself, and not using any unnecessary fertilisers. 

Their Regen launch was to encourage sustainable food production by setting up 24 different pilot farms across the 6 countries, with each pilot farm learning the best practices of regenerative agriculture over the next 2 years.

At the end of the 2 years, Arla will hopefully be able to adopt Regenerative principles across all of the 12,000 farms.

The Challenge:

With this all in mind, it seemed the perfect time to host a virtual event in the UK for all of Arla’s farmers across Europe about their Regen agriculture initiative

The virtual event took place outside on one of their pilot farms in Somerset. They wanted to stream live from the field with one main presenter, regen expert Claire Hill, and 2 of their farmers. They also wanted one of their regen experts streaming from Denmark to open for the virtual event before cutting to their farm.

Following this, they suggested a live Q&A with their audience towards the end of the event, which is challenging when hosted outside on a farm with no signal or WiFi.

The Solution:

We arrived in Somerset with a crew, a generator truck for power, and a satellite truck for signal. The crew consisted of 2 cameramen, an audio engineer, producer and 2 of our lovely event managers.

We all communicated through two-way radios and earpieces to the satellite truck, and to our studio in Liverpool, where our in-house crew managed the live stream and audio, then exported the virtual event to an online platform for Arla’s audience to watch. 

The Q&A was managed through an IPad, so the presenter could see all of the questions coming through, and answer them in real time.

The Result:

Despite the poor weather conditions and challenges we faced, this flawless virtual event went spectacularly well for the Arla Regen team, and was so much more impactful on their audience through presenting from one of their UK pilot farms. This whole event became doable within a week’s notice and on a similar budget as if they were streaming from one of their headquarters. It couldn’t have gone better.

Arla can now stream these events from anywhere in the world at short notice, and we will continue to do more events like this for the future.