The European Union’s One Health Annual Scientific Meeting (Virtual Conference)

The European Union’s One Health Annual Scientific Meeting (Prague, May 2020)

The Brief:

The One Health European Joint Programme is a landmark partnership between 37 partners, including acclaimed food, veterinary and medical laboratories and institutes across Europe.


Critical in its annual programme is the Annual Scientific Meeting. In early April 2020, the meeting scheduled for May 27th in Prague was in doubt due to COVID. The options for the organisers were simple cancel, postpone – or go virtual.


On 27th April 2020, Purple Patch was commissioned – and the event would be virtual. Just four weeks from the first conference day.

The Challenge:

When most organisations and event managers were thinking of postponing or simply cancelling their corporate events (owing to the lockdown regulations), our clients wanted to find ways to maintain continuity, but without having to “make do” with the widely adopted virtual meeting platforms Teams and Zoom. These platforms are appropriate only for short meetings but not for multi-day conferences (over three days, in this case).


Purple Patch needed to support the clients’ event management needs by developing a unique online event delivery solution for this problem. The solution needed to be specially tailored to suit the requirements of organisations like EJP and their event managers who wanted to hold virtual conferences, without compromising with the results. Not just that, we also needed to keep in mind the needs of users who have fairly limited internet connectivity or bandwidth to be able to access it, no matter where they are in the world.


In short, the goal was clear: To help EJP reach their conference audience, most effectively, regardless of the limitations placed on public gatherings, by turning their One Health annual conference into a virtual event.

The Solution:

Our team at Purple Patch together with online solutions experts developed the online solution with an ability to host virtual conferences and workshops, keeping in mind the needs of both the presenters and their audience.


It was designed to be so user-friendly that if you can watch YouTube, you can watch our event stream – even if you have a slow internet connection or low bandwidth at your disposal. The best part – neither the delegates nor the presenters needed to install anything on their device.

The Plan:

750 delegates were to attend the event online, using our virtual event delivery solution. This same solution was also required to support the presentations delivered by 47 presenters across the EU, who were to self-shoot their presentations via our app. In addition to this, 5 keynote presenters were to be filmed by our teams remotely.


Week 1
Contracts are signed. The first of 5 planning meetings take place. Initial designs commence.


Week 2
750 delegates are invited to attend the event. 47 presenters across the EU self-shoot their presentations via our App. 5 keynote presenters are filmed remotely


Week 3
The final keynotes are recorded. 54 presentations and films are edited. The final planning meeting takes place.


Week 4
All presentations and films signed off. The event website goes live.


At 09:00 CEST on 27th May – The OHEJU Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 starts.

The Result:

  • Attendance of 700+ delegates, maintained throughout the multi-day virtual conference (a pleasant surprise our client and the event managers who were originally expecting an audience of 300 only)
  • A delightful experience for the multi-national delegates who attended the event from 38 countries without having to travel
  • More than 36,000 hours worth of high-value content was consumed by the audience throughout the span of the conference
  • A well-established social media presence which spoke for itself, with both delegates and organisers praising our efforts

The Feedback from One Health Executives:

“It has been a great event, perfect technically and scientifically! Well done all.”

“If you see what has been done in these last few weeks, transforming the conference into an online event: that’s amazing. THANK YOU!!!!”

“We did it – oh I am super happy with the outcome, and it was a privilege to share this journey with you all. Thank you!”

“Thanks again for all your hard work, it has been a pleasure working with you and your colleagues!”

“Excellent, very good material for our communication, thank you Comm Team and Purple Patch!”