Healthcare at Home

Healthcare at Home


Healthcare at Home is the UK’s leading full service, clinical provider of healthcare out-of-hospital. The arrival of a new CEO following a period of change and lack of direction meant the opportunity to bring together the top 50 management team to launch their new three-year growth strategy.

The brief:

HaH had the date, had the room and had their message – but nothing else at the briefing stage. Our challenge was to deliver a great looking event in one of their meeting rooms – and compelling content that reflected their customer’s raw feedback and their own strategy in a way that the team would be empowered to cascade throughout the business.

The solution:

We converted their training room into a stunning presentation area, unrecognisable from the day before. Using wall to wall branding with their new strategy and great lighting effects – we created a space that was conducive to a high energy launch session – and uplifting for their colleagues who were maybe expecting an ordinary meeting.


Using their core brand guidelines, we created concise and impactful presentations from supplied notes. No bullet points – just inspirational imagery and infographics that delivered their strategy in the most memorable way.


Perhaps the biggest impact was a series of five short films that we shot around the UK in a period of just two weeks – a combination of their customers, suppliers, commissioners, investors and industry stakeholders – all bringing their views about Healthcare at Home (both good and bad) to the meeting. A brilliantly engaging, open and honest way to take a dramatic look up and down their supply chain.

The results:

Comments from presenters and staff throughout the day were that they’d never received such clear and engaging communication before this event. The room was buzzing with energy and excitement and by the end of the day everyone was smiling and motivated to take on the strategy in the year ahead.


“Thanks for everything – really positive feedback re the event yesterday.”

– Irene Bryce – Executive Assistant to CEO. Healthcare & Home


We’ve been invited back to deliver the event again next quarter.


Healthcare at Home


Three weeks from brief to delivery.


Healthcare at Home HO


50 internal colleagues