10 Things To Check The Day Before Your Conference

10 Things To Check The Day Before Your Conference

At Purple Patch one of the things we do rigorously is to double check everything the day before the event. This involves ‘walking in the shoes’ of a delegate, a presenter and the AV crew. Imagining at each stage of the process that we are that delegate – that presenter, or that technician.

Whilst the list is almost infinite – here are ten tips that may seem obvious – but if they are all ticked off, we can focus on our client – and our client can focus on their audience – and of course the audience can focus 100% on the conference message.

1. Location, location

It may seem obvious but is the venue address correct – Farnborough International, for example, has five different postcodes that are across the whole site – have you driven the route to your published postcode?

2. Weather

There’s not much we can do to mitigate English weather – but we can be aware and prepared, and we can communicate that to our delegates. If it’s severe – are there and H&S issues that we need to be extra vigilant about

3. Travel

Pop the venue address into google maps at the conference start time, how different is it to the site visit you last made mid-afternoon on a Wednesday last week versus 09:00 on the event day.

4. Public Transport

How were the trains this morning – hopefully all,okay, but if there’s planned or unplanned work going on, it’s easy to find out ahead of time – and keep watching the alerts as the conference time approaches.

5. Catering

Most presenters will arrive a couple of hours ahead of the audience along with the AV crew – everyone’s happier with a bacon roll and a coffee at 7am, are the caterers aware of this requirement.

6. A&E / Paramedics

Do we know where the local A&E is, how far away etc. Who is our venue contact if we need first aid and where is that in the venue. That’s assuming that we haven’t booked a private paramedic.

7. Crew hotels

Just a thought – when we booked an extra cameraman – did we book them a hotel room. Also, if the crew call time is 07:00 or earlier have we planned how to feed them. Minor point – but will become major!

8. Crew Schedule

The master document that keeps everything on track. Is it up to date and does everyone have a copy? Whilst on the same thought – our mobile printer works, has paper and new cartridges?

9. Backups

All the event content is on your laptop, and its on a USB stick – how about sharing it with at least two other colleagues just in case. A One Drive back up or similar is essential. Store that and all the fonts in the same place. Don’t let event technology be the downfall of the event.

10. The client

What time are they arriving – do they have any concerns, have we done everything we can to allow them to focus on their guests?

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