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Virtual Events

Use our new virtual event tool to find the right solution for your virtual event

Filling The Communications Gap

With the spread of COVID-19 impacting business operations for organisations all over the globe, communication has never been more imperative. As more teams are operating remotely, they’re turning to video conferencing and live streaming applications to keep productivity up and we launched a virtual events service for our clients. But what about the communications gap between companies and external entities, like customers or other organisations?


To combat this communications gap, Purple Patch Group offer live streaming conferences and virtual events. With our live stream events, companies can expect the same attention to detail and top-notch event management services that we provide with in-person events. If you’re weighing whether to cancel your upcoming event or conference, consider our virtual events services first.

Virtual Events Awards – Finalist 2021


At Purple Patch, we create virtual event solutions that get noticed. The Innovation for Food Resilience Conference, a virtual event conference we planned for The Agri-Tech Centres, was a finalist for Virtual Event of the Month with the Virtual Event Awards in January, 2021. The virtual conference was live-streamed to over 1,200 viewers – a 50% increase of the expected attendance. Notably, there was no significant viewer drop-off throughout the entire virtual event. With a combination of pre-recorded and live content, the delivery was flawless and engaging. The content was precise, the project was on-budget, and the conference delegates were blown away. 

Our Recent Virtual Events


As a virtual event management company based out of London, most of our recent virtual event solutions have been corporate conferences, summits, and awards ceremonies. We’ve worked with not-for-profit organisations, government agencies, health manufacturers, medical laboratories, and joint institutes. Although we’ve managed virtual events for companies and organisations ranging in size and across sectors, one common thread has run through all of them – flexibility. For each virtual event, our team had to work around COVID-19 restrictions, which changed often and without notice. Whether the events were 100% virtual or a combination of virtual and hybrid, Purple Patch developed innovative solutions to solve each client’s unique problems.

Reckitt Benckiser (RB) Awards Ceremonies 2020

Reckitt Benckiser (RB) Awards Ceremonies 2020

CUPGRA Conference

CUPGRA Conference

Sainsbury’s Farming Conference 2020

Sainsbury’s Farming Conference 2020

Abbeyfield Care Homes – 2020 AGM & Strategy Launch

Abbeyfield Care Homes – 2020 AGM & Strategy Launch

The Agri-Tech Centres Food Innovation for Food Resilience Conference 2020

The Agri-Tech Centres Food Innovation for Food Resilience Conference 2020

Arla's Virtual Event

Arla's Virtual Event

One Health Annual Scientific Meeting (Virtual Conference)

One Health Annual Scientific Meeting (Virtual Conference)

How The Virtual Event Works 

To hold a large conference or virtual event, you need more capabilities than what Skype or Office 365 Teams can provide.

We’re able to achieve the following:


  • Broadcast your virtual event to a selected audience
  • Secure delegate log-in
  • Enable interaction during the presentation
  • Send a recording of the conference to delegates who were unable to view it live


Logistically, the details are simple. What you’ll need:


  • Your regular conference or presentation materials
  • A quiet, 5m x 5m room at minimum (hybrid events only)
  • A hard-wired internet port with at least 10MM upload speed (hybrid events only)

What’s Involved in Live Streaming?

Purple Patch provides everything else required to host the virtual events. We include:


  • Technical equipment to record, film, live stream, and upload the broadcast
  • Camera operator (hybrid events only)
  • Producer
  • Sound engineer
  • Graphics operator
  • Broadcast engineer
  • Any audiovisual equipment and backup services we provide at regular events 

Providing An Interactive Virtual Event

An important component of live events is interactivity. With our virtual events services, you won’t have to sacrifice on audience engagement. Nor will you worry about security and accessibility. 


Enable delegates to comment, ask questions, or even vote during the live stream


Accessing the virtual conference or meeting with our solution is easy as well. Delegates don’t need to download or install any software, they only need a decent WiFi or 4G internet connection. If they can stream YouTube videos over their connection, then they can view your virtual event


To secure your virtual event, we can create a password-protected log-in page. We’ll generate a unique set of credentials for each participant and quickly send them out


With our live stream events, you have the option to hold multiple sessions. Your delegates can join whichever session is most convenient for them. For those who don’t have the option to live stream your broadcast, we can also set up a secure conference call number. Finally, once your virtual event has concluded, we’ll deliver a fully produced and edited version of the broadcast that you can send out afterward.

Find Your Ideal Virtual Event Solution

Tell us what you need from your virtual event and our tool will find the best solution for you. Or view all of our virtual event packages below

View All Our Virtual Event Solutions

As an experienced virtual events agency, we can tailor a virtual events package to your needs. From company announcements and product launches to virtual conferences and training workshops, Purple Patch has a virtual event solution for you.

Solution 1

Ideal for:
Company announcement
Product launch
Results announcement
Confidential meeting
  • Branded website
  • Basic delegate registration
  • Up to 4 live presenters
  • 1-2 hour event

Solution 2

Ideal for:
Workshop / training
Awards Ceremony
  • Up to 8 live presenters
  • 1 day event
  • Includes features from Solution 1

Solution 3

Ideal for:
Workshop / training

  • Up to 4 Breakout Rooms
  • Branded Exhibition areas
  • Downloadable content
  • Includes features from Solution 2

Solution 4

Ideal for:
Sales kick-off

  • Networking area
  • Live Q&A facility
  • In-depth analytics
  • Includes features from Solution 3

Solution 5

Ideal for:
Sales kick-off

  • Entire event delivered with your branding
  • 3D virtual environment
  • Includes features from Solution 4

What Our Clients Say

A Complete Purple Patch Event Service – Only Streamed!

Purple Patch Group is an inclusive professional event solution. With our in-person events, we’ve prided ourselves on handling every aspect of event planning and management. Our virtual event services are no different. Our services, both traditional and virtual, include:


  • Audiovisual support
  • Venue management (locating the right venues for virtual broadcasts can be just as tricky as live ones!)
  • Production design (you’ll still need a well-designed stage, platform or table for a live stream, even if it’s scaled down a bit)
  • Event filming
  • Presentation support, graphics, and any other required accompaniments
Contact Us

Trusted by Brands

The team at Purple Patch are always striving to improve and search for new techniques and fresh ideas. We actively engage with our clients to take on-board their feedback on every aspect of the service they receive. Brands know that we care deeply about the success of their conferences and they can rely on us to achieve their objectives.

This has seen us continue to grow and expand into new and exciting industries, lending our expertise to some of the largest organisations. We work with brands like Sainsbury’s in an ongoing capacity on a variety of specialist conferences, producing clearly defined results based on their targets. Purple Patch are meeting organisers that create dynamic events that matter, always working to make sure your conference is the very best it can be. We are one of the Experienced & best event companies London.


How much does it cost?

Just like our face-to-face events, the cost of a virtual event varies depending on your specific requirements. We’ll help guide you to the best solution for your event.

Our virtual event solutions range from approx. £5k-£50+

Visit our Virtual Event Solutions Tool to help guide you

How long do you need to plan a virtual event?

We recommend at least 2 weeks planning, but ideally 4 or more. Most events are planned months in advance.

Unlike face-to-face events, you don’t have the worries of booking a venue so our team can move quickly to get everything set up for you.

How do you keep the audience engaged?

Virtual events require different strategies for keeping your audience engaged.

Remember to stay focused on why your audience are attending your event – what do you want them to KNOW, FEEL or DO differently as a result of attending?

Some of our recommendations are:

– Keep your presentations short and punchy (15-20mins max.)

– Give your audience plenty of breaks (every 45mins)

– Limit the overall length of your event (2-3hrs or less)

– Remove any ‘padding’ from your event and keep it straight to the point

– Make use of the polling and chat tools to ask questions and opinions

– Make use of multimedia tools and entertainment ideas during breaks

– Design your presentations with an online audience in mind

What platform do you use?

We have access to a range of trusted platforms with a variety of functions to suit your event and your budget. We will use the platform that best suits your needs.

Your audience and your presenters won’t need anything other than an internet connection to access the event – so no need for Skype / 365 / GoTo or any other accounts.

How good does my internet connection need to be?

We normally require a minimum 10Mb upload guaranteed connection for events where we stream from site (hybrid). This will be slightly different if we use the same connection to bring presenters in via Skype. In which case, we require a minimum 20Mb upload connection that is guaranteed.

Can I have my own branding on the platform?

Yes. Our platforms are all customizable and include branding e.g. your company logo and colours

How secure is the platform?

Our platform comes with enterprise-grade security and compliance

Can I use slides and videos in my presentations?

Yes. Presenters will be able to use presentation slides and pre-recorded video during their presentations

How many people can join a virtual event?

Up to 750 users can access a virtual event before additional costs are incurred

Do I need good Wi-Fi or internet connection to join a virtual event?

We stream at the lowest possible bitrate which allows our events to be viewed by the greatest number of users with different internet speeds

Can participants join by audio-only?

Yes. We can provide a dial in option just like a conference call – either at the client or the users cost.

Can I connect to presenters in international locations?

Yes. We can connect to anyone in the world. The only challenge is China and Chinese registered phones which can be overcome to certain extents.

Can I have breakout / syndicate rooms during my event?

Yes. We can accommodate multiple breakout/syndicate rooms either within the event platform or externally depending on your requirements and budget

Can I have exhibition spaces during my event?

Yes. We can accommodation exhibition areas with live or on demand content and downloadable materials.

Can I have audience Q&A during my event?

Yes. We can accommodation Q&A via a range of options including moderated chat function, Slido or in-person video link

Can my event be recorded?

Yes. We can record your event and provide you with a post-event edit or a copy of the raw files

Can I show pre-recorded video content or presentations?

Yes. We can play out pre-recorded video during your virtual event. We can also pre-record your presentations to play out ‘as live’

How will you support me during my virtual event?

We pride ourselves on providing unwavering levels of support to guide you through your event every step of the way. Our event managers are seasoned professionals at dealing with the stresses of live events and our crew and technicians are no different. In fact, many of them are TV Broadcast technicians with years of experience and knowledge.

Some functions of support include:

Producer – your single point of contact throughout – from pre-production through to

the live show and post-event follow up

On the day of your live show you will need any of the following experts depending

on the size and complexity of your virtual event:

Director – takes care of the presenters

Broadcast Technician(s) – checks and manages the incoming and outgoing streams

Vision Mixer – mixes the outgoing live feed to the stream

Graphics Operator – handles all presentation materials

Show Caller – calls the technical running of the show from beginning to end

Sound Technician – manages all audio requirements

What are the different types of virtual events?

There are 3 main types of virtual event:

– 100% virtual – this means all presenters and audience members are in different locations logging onto the platform to access the event (perfect for international events or in the case of lockdown scenarios)

– Hybrid studio set up – this is where the presenters come to one of our studio locations, or we bring the studio to you and we film and stream from there

– Hybrid event set up – similar to the studio set up, where we film and stream the presenters from a single location, this also includes a small audience in the room as well as those participants logging into the platform to view the stream

Both hybrid options can include a combination of presenters who are live in the studio or logging in from a different location to join the live stream