Corporate Incentive Travel & Management Company London

Corporate Incentive Travel & Management Company London

Incentive Travel with Purple Patch

One of the best ways to inspire, motivate and reward both your employees and your customers is through incentive travel events. There is no better way to demonstrate how much your relationship means, while also helping to strengthen bonds and forge a stronger working partnership on both sides.

At Purple Patch we know that a simple thank you means a lot, but organising incentive travel events does so much more. Offering experiential rewards is by far the best way to drive your staff towards achieving – and surpassing – their goals. Not only do they get to enjoy an amazing experience abroad, but it adds value to the company and improves both team and individual performance.

Your customers can also enjoy some of the buzz and excitement that comes with incentive travel. Offering a reward draws the right kind of attention to your brand, making you stand out from the competition and engaging clients and prospects in a unique and fun way.

Complete Incentive Travel Management

Thanks to our considerable expertise in organising and managing events on a global scale, our team know all there is about setting up incentive travel for companies. Our extensive network gives us access to exclusive deals and destinations that will inspire your staff to break targets and strengthen business performance.

How we implement your corporate incentive trip will depend on whether you want us to oversee the entire scheme from start to finish, or if you’d prefer us to integrate with your existing programme. Either way, we’re a full service incentive travel agency that are able to ensure every step is perfectly arranged to bolster the image of your brand.

Our transparent approach means that costs are fixed upfront so you are always aware of the price from the start. This allows you to budget with clarity and means there are no sudden surprises further down the line. You can focus on other areas of the business, safe in the knowledge that you have an experienced incentive travel company on hand taking care of everything.

Bespoke Corporate Travel Solutions

Organising an event can prove difficult enough but it may also involve arranging travel and accommodation for attendees and guests who will be visiting. Purple Patch offer bespoke corporate travel solutions for events and businesses of any size, removing the stress and expense that often comes with it.

We liaise on your behalf with a selection of the best possible accommodation suppliers to suit your budget. Our approach enables us to get the best value and available rate, while we always keep you up to date with advice, correspondence and full transparency over true costs.

The same careful attention to detail is applied to arrange travel to and from the event, all managed by a dedicated member of our team who will remain your single point of contact. Unlike some incentive travel companies, Purple Patch your requirements always remain our priority and you get access to some of the best corporate travel solutions available anywhere today.

Trusted by Brands for Corporate Travel

Businesses of all sizes see us as one of the leading incentive travel companies and organisers of bespoke travel arrangements. We see each brand as an individual and not just another customer to add to our list. By taking the extra time and effort to act as an extension of your business you develop confidence that any decision made is always done with your best interests at heart, so you always get the most value for your spend.

We understand that putting together incentive travel for companies can take a lot of time and effort. Even if you have one already in-place, it requires strong communication and promotion to ensure team members understand its importance. It’s something we do on a daily basis for large organisations in a variety of industries, helping their staff rise to meet the challenge.

Our experience in creating global events means we have an unrivalled network of corporate travel contacts that are ready to be utilised for your next event. What makes us different from other incentive travel companies is our success is a result of your success and it’s this simple principle that will allow us to grow together.