The National Farmers Union

The background:

The NFU working closely with the UK Government are launching an initiative called LIS (Livestock Information Service) which broadly ensures traceability of all UK livestock throughputs its life. Ensuring that as we prepare for Brexit, the industry demonstrates world leading traceability throughout the supply chain both in the UK and more importantly for an export market.

The brief:

To create content that creates enthusiasm and positivity around the new initiative. To inform, educate, inform and promote the initiative, securing buy-in from farmers and facilitating a smooth implementation.It was essential that we understood the audience – only with this understanding could we deliver an appropriate conference environment, mood and effective content.

The solution:

Very technical subject that the client was very close to.  We needed to have the distance from it whilst developing a deep understanding to help us make it digestible for the audience.


Wanted to deliver the most up to date information on a subject that is currently in development – so content needed to be developed as late as possible to maximise real-time accuracy.


We took complete hands-on control of the whole process from start to finish to allow NFU to focus on their active role as presenters at the event.


To inform the event and it’s content, and allow us to deliver a seamless focussed message, we conducted a series of interviews with farmers and other stakeholders to build deep understanding of the subject, sector and current perceptions.


We gave just as much consideration to the presenters as their audience… working closely with them throughout content development.


It was essential to deliver faultless professional film & presentation content that encouraged farmers and other stakeholders to embrace the initiative, motivate them to get involved and reassure them that they were in controlled and safe hands with NFU who were going to guide them through the implementation process every step of the way – with their best interest at heart.


Our writers, presentation designers and film producers developed content that simplified complex information to maintain the audiences’ attention and make a lasting impression… bringing relevance to multiple audiences across with differing levels of engagement/investment in the subject.

The results:

From initial concept development and scripting to production and delivery we created a visually engaging film and presentation to capture the imaginations of the audience at the event and in support of the NFUs ongoing activity.  The film still sits on the NFU website to act as a core piece of initiative communication collateral for multiple audiences.

Meeting Highlights

Main Film


The National Farmers Union


Four weeks from brief to delivery


The NFU HO in Westminster


The Government at the event – plus all UK livestock farmers via events/media