5 Awesome Virtual Events Examples to Help You Plan Yours

5 Awesome Virtual Events Examples to Help You Plan Yours

If you were looking for inspiration and ideas for your upcoming virtual event, this post is certainly a good place to start!

In recent months, countless brands and businesses have hosted corporate events online. Many of them have got a fair share of success in their endeavours, too. 

If you were wondering about the latest trends in the world of virtual events, or just looking for inspiration and ideas, you have come to the right page! In this article, we share examples of some of the most successful and innovative virtual events we have come across over the last year.


5 Awesome Virtual Events Examples to Help You Plan Yours


Immersive Virtual Environment (3D) [Fenty]

fenty house VR - virtual event ideas

Fenty organised a virtual product launch of their new product Fenty Skin and got their attendees to party with Rihanna virtually, in an immersive 3D environment. The virtual 3D environment was that of a house, which had a spa room that showcased their new skincare line, a virtual photo booth, a virtual bar where attendees could make their own cocktail, and much more. This kind of virtual event ideas will work really well for product launches and brand activations.

360-Degree Virtual Tour [The University of Warwick]

360 degree tour - virtual event ideas

If you would like to showcase your showroom or school, virtually, from anywhere in the world, a 360-degree virtual tour could be your best bet! A virtual 360-degree tour that’s organised as a hybrid event can not only let you deliver both the virtual and in-person experiences together, but also help you make them memorable and highly immersive for the audience.

That’s what The University of Warwick did for their Virtual Applicant Day event, for which they allowed prospective students to tour the university, from virtually any part of the world. The event included virtual coffee chats with their current students, and many other activities to help prospective students get a proper idea of how the campus life there feels like.

Pre-Recorded Sessions [Adobe SUMMIT]

pre-recorded sessions - virtual event ideas

It’s always a good idea to prepare a library of pre-recorded sessions of your keynote speakers and set up the programming for your virtual event, in advance. By having the key sessions filmed well ahead of time, you can not only enhance the footage with editing and graphics, but also produce a high-quality broadcast, while reducing the room for error.

The Adobe SUMMIT was a great example of this strategy. The entire event was pre-recorded. Adobe asked their presenters, which included their top executives and celebrities, to take their producers on a tour of their homes and help them find the most suitable filming locations. 

Apart from this, Adobe also shared a set of training documents with the presenters to help them shoot the best possible recordings from the comfort of their homes, learn in detail about camera positioning and what kind of outfits they can wear for the recordings. The result was a well-produced, fully pre-recorded virtual event that was a huge success.

Award Badges [Advertising Week 2020]

virtual badges - virtual event ideas

Gamification is another useful strategy that can be easily utilised in virtual events for rewarding attendees and keeping them engaged. How about awarding your event attendees with digital badges whenever they complete specific sessions, tracks, or courses? Brilliant, isn’t it?

To encourage its attendees to watch sessions till the end and explore all the different tracks, Advertising Week 2020 rewarded them through gamification. The attendees could earn recognition in the form of digital badges by completing coursework and watching full sessions on various topics, ranging from company culture to content marketing. The attendee that collected the most number of badges was given recognition as the AW2020 MVP.

Virtual Exhibition Hall [World Employer Branding Day 2020]

virtual expo hall - virtual event ideas

Virtual exhibitions are a great way to highlight sponsors, and let attendees browse virtual booths, just like they would at an in-person expo. This is exactly what they did at the World Employer Branding Day 2020, by setting up a virtual expo hall online, that could be accessed from any device. Attendees could click onto any branded virtual booth and get redirected to a custom-designed sponsor page, on which they could chat with the exhibitors, book meetings, watch video clips, learn more about the company, and much more.

Final Thoughts

At Purple Patch, we have produced successful virtual events that have attracted countless big-ticket sponsors, thousands of attendees, as well as some of the world’s top influencers from various industries. By leveraging our experience in corporate event management and our advanced virtual event delivery platform, you too can host an online event and ensure its success.

Take a look at our event portfolio to see some of our work.

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