How to Choose the Right Venue for Your Company Event

How to Choose the Right Venue for Your Company Event

Venue planning is a fun challenge for professionals and amateurs alike. However, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In this article, we share how to start your search and what factors you need to consider for picking the perfect venue for your event.

Where to Start Your Search for Venue Hire

One of the best places to look for ideal venues for your event is obviously the internet! Here are some suggestions for where to look online:

  1. Search engines

Google is your friend! A simple search for “music venues in Southampton” or “conference venues in London” will get you many pages of search results to sift through – plenty of options. Unfortunately, your search results won’t have been filtered by Google to match your preferences and you will have to do some research to determine which of the options they are suitable. Don’t be surprised if you come across a few venue options that aren’t active or available anymore!



  1. Social media

Since most venues utilise social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, these are always a good place to start your search.


  1. Venue directories

Using a venue directory like TagVenue or Venue Scanner is an excellent way to kickstart your venue search on the right foot. Think of venue directories as online databases that allow you to search for suitable venues online. You will also be able to filter the search results you get depending on your requirements.


  1. Event listing websites

Imagine you want to go to a local event at the weekend. Where will you go to look up some options? Yes, you guessed it right – event listing websites!

To find suitable venues for your event, browse similar events in the area and take note of which venues are being used frequently for similar events. This way you can shortlist venues for further research.

BONUS TIP: Alternatively, you can look up event companies in London, for example, and ask them to help you with venue hire. This way they do all the legwork for you and you will receive personalised suggestions for venue hire along with professional advice, which is a must-have if you want your event to be successful.

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Factors You Need To Consider Before Picking the Right Venue For Your Event

  1.       Allocated Budget

More than likely, your financial resources are limited. You need to figure out how flexible is your budget and which of the venues fall within your budget. An event planner or event agency can help you plan a successful event within a reasonable budget.

  1.       Suitable Locations

It’s important to identify the most suitable locations where the event could be held. Feel free to look outside the usual options – hotels and conference centres. Consider the following:

  •         The theme of your meeting
  •         Location(s) where your guests will prefer to attend the event
  1.       Event Dates and Timing

The date and timing will influence your decisions when it comes to selecting the venue of choice. Here are some points to consider:

  •         When is the best time for your team to organise the event?
  •         Based on the schedules of your guests, what is the most appropriate timing?
  •         Which of the suitable venues have space available for the chosen timings


  1.       Facilities Available at the Venue

Consider whether or not:

  •         The venue can accommodate your needs for the event (entertainment, catering, A/V production, etc.)
  •         The facilities available at the venue suit the standards of your organisation
  •         The venue offers good parking options and security
  1.       Target Audience

Figure out the number of guests who will attend your event. Also, you will need to ensure that the venue and its facilities suit the tastes and expectations of the guests.

  1.       The Reputation of the Venue

The way a venue manages its services, staff and clients will make a big difference for your event. So don’t forget to check their online reviews and the testimonials available on their website to get a better idea of the reputation of their service.

BONUS TIP: Schedule a site visit to all the venues you finally shortlist in this process. You will be glad you did.

Final Thoughts

Deciding upon the best venue or event space is critical to the overall success of your event. If you feel this job can be better delegated to professionals like venue finders or event planners, make sure you find the specialists who value client satisfaction more than anything else – just like the event planning wizards we have on our team!

For more advice and tips in this regard visit our venue finding page and do not forget to check this space for future updates.

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