Live Stream Conference & Virtual Event Service Keeps Major Companies Communicating

Live Stream Conference & Virtual Event Service Keeps Major Companies Communicating

Amid the global pandemic caused by the spread of COVID-19, organisations all over the globe are scaling back operations or shutting down entirely. Shops and offices are closing, teams are working from home, and events are being cancelled or postponed. 

For some companies, live events are crucial. They help you make important industry connections, give you valuable face time with your customers, or promote your brand name. If your business relies on live events, conferences, and meetings to keep running, then you shouldn’t let the current pandemic halt your productivity. 

At Purple Patch Group, we understand how vital communication is to your business strategy – even more so during a crisis. Which is where hybrid event and virtual event service can be critical. We’re helping companies who depend on events for their messaging by holding the same events and meetings – virtually. 

Why Live Stream Events and Conferences?

In our current situation, we’re hearing a lot about remote working and digital tools that help businesses stay connected. Indeed, working remotely and connecting to colleagues virtually has never been easier. It’s even projected that demand for teleworking will increase by 30 percent by 2030. 

While live events, meetings, and conferences are most successful in person, holding them virtually has several benefits too.

  • Flexibility – If extenuating circumstances force you to cancel a live conference – like the current COVID-19 pandemic – you still have options. Virtual events allow you to connect with your delegates, members, or customers even when it’s not possible to meet them face-to-face.
  • Reach a Wider Audience – With live stream events, more people have the opportunity to “attend.” Those who were unable to go to the live event can now view your virtual conference from wherever they are in the world. Your delegates will spend less on travel and accommodations to access your event, making them more likely to attend virtually.
  • Reduce Venue Costs – Renting a venue can be one of the biggest expenses in your event budget. With a virtual conference, you can scale down the location, broadcasting your event from your office or even a conference room.
  • Brand Promotion – Events are perfect for generating buzz about your brand. Virtual events are even better at getting your messaging out, because you can film your conference and publish the recorded version across your marketing channels afterward. 

Case Study – How We Helped Major UK Brand Arla

Arla Foods UK relies heavily on consistent communication and updates to its members. The farmer-owned co-operative holds several “town hall” style meetings and conferences throughout the year to keep members current on their latest initiatives – one of which is to be carbon net-zero by 2050. 

The Arla Foods UK co-operative comprises about 2,400 dairy farmers scattered across Britain. Arla wanted a way to deliver updates on the novel coronavirus pandemic to its farmers, as well as open up a dialogue for the farmers to pose questions. And they wanted to achieve this communication within the week.

The Virtual Event Venue and Technical Requirements

Arla turned to Purple Patch to devise a virtual event solution. Over the course of five days, the Purple Patch team helped Arla set up, film, upload, and secure delegate viewership of their virtual event. 

 Using the application Slido, we were able to simultaneously broadcast and record the event presentations, while also allowing interaction from delegates. We created a secure log-in page, so members needed unique credentials to access the webcast. To reach as many Arla members as possible, we held four sessions in one week. For those who couldn’t attend “live”, we made an edited version of the presentation available for Arla to upload to their intranet.

Delivering Arla’s Successful Live Stream Event

The Arla representatives gave their presentations exactly as they would have at a live event. And Purple Patch provided the same level of support as we would for a live event. With a crew of five – producer, sound engineer, graphics operator, camera operator, and broadcast engineer – we delivered a successful virtual event for Arla. 

Virtual Conference Services

Just like our live event management services, our live stream conferences and virtual events are tailored specifically to you. Our live stream services are accessible, adaptable, and effective. To host your webcast, with a dedicated website, we only need the following from you:

  • A 5m x 5m room minimum
  • A hard-wired internet port with 10MM upload speed

To view your webcast, your delegates don’t need to download software or install a programme. They can view it in a web browser over a decent WiFi or 4G internet connection.

The Purple Patch service level for live stream conferences and events matches that of our traditional events. We include:

  • Presentation set up, graphics, and accompaniments
  • All technical kit required to film, stream, and upload your webcast
  • A dedicated crew, including camera operator and technicians 

Keep Your Company Communicating With Purple Patch

During trying times like these, accurate communication is of the utmost importance. With our live stream conference and virtual event services, your organisation can get vital messaging out to its stakeholders. It’s tempting to simply cancel all your upcoming events in light of the coronavirus outbreak. But then all the resources and hard work you invested would go to waste. So instead of calling off your events completely, convert them to virtual events instead. Contact Purple Patch to keep your company and your communication going, even during a crisis.

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