5 Simple Virtual Events Ideas and Why They Work So Well

5 Simple Virtual Events Ideas and Why They Work So Well

Experts believe that brands and corporate houses are catching up with the online event renaissance we have been witnessing over the past year. Thanks to the inexpensive video conferencing technology and tools that are available nowadays, any business can host an online event, regardless of their budget or prior experience.

Countless nimble brands and organisations have adapted to the changes in the event management landscape over the last year, in order to effectively reach their audiences and maintain continuity by organising virtual events

If you are looking for virtual event ideas to create an unforgettable online event and wow your audience in 2021, you have come to the right place. In this article, we share some of our top recommendations for virtual event ideas that have worked really well for countless others, and what makes them so effective. Let’s get started!


5 Simple Virtual Events Ideas and Why They Work So Well


Organise a Virtual Conference 


If you want to bring together a bunch of industry experts and an audience that shares a common interest, organising a virtual conference is the way to go. A virtual conference would typically start with a keynote session, followed by multiple sessions by experts throughout the day, along with breakout sessions in between. You can facilitate networking between the attendees and guests by creating a virtual lobby for them and leveraging digital engagement tools. Creating a 3D virtual conference is also a possibility now!

Why Do Virtual Conferences Work So Well?

People have been in lockdown for the most part of the past year and can’t wait to visit a trade show or a live conference in their industry. Attending a virtual conference gives them an experience that’s pretty close to attending an in-person event – the upside being they can do this from the comfort of their homes.


Host a Series of Informative Webinars


Webinars typically last longer than 30 minutes and can stretch upto 2 hours or longer. The webinar hosts are expected to share in-depth industry knowledge, tips, advice, or best practice on a topic that interests their audience. 

Brands too can host webinars successfully, with the aim of sharing crucial information and updates with their customers and employees. If you are a business, you may consider charging your audience for webinar access, or simply offer it as a free session, with the aim of promoting your products or services.

Why Do Webinars Work So Well?

Delegates from any part of the world can simply tune in and listen to what’s being shared on the webinar, no participation necessary. Hence, webinars have a much wider audience reach and higher turnout than other types of virtual events.


Livestream Guided Sessions on Health and Wellbeing


It’s quick and easy to organise wellbeing sessions online, both as a standalone event and as part of another event, such as a virtual conference. All you need to do is set up a live stream and get an instructor to deliver the class. The sessions can include anything from Yoga and Tai Chi to mindfulness and meditation.

Why Do Guided Sessions on Health and Wellbeing Work So Well?

Since staying fit and focused is a must during the lockdowns, most audiences will find online sessions like these highly valuable. Organising this will cost you next to nothing, and will go a long way in adding a unique, personal touch to your event.


Encourage Virtual Team Building Activities


Want to get your team excited and turn a boring weekday into something fun? Try getting them involved in a virtual team building activity! From virtual scavenger hunts to virtual happy hours, there are so many ways to bring your team together and boost their morale.

Why Do Virtual Team Building Activities Work So Well?

All work and no play, especially when engaged in remote work, can make employees feel bored and disengaged. Virtual team building activities help make employees feel welcome and motivated again.


Organise Virtual Parties and Live Entertainment


Organising virtual parties is an amazing way to celebrate your team’s achievements and reward them for their hard work. If you are brand, how about delighting your audience with an online session of live entertainment? From live music to virtual art showcase, the options for live entertainment are virtually endless!

Why Do Virtual Parties and Live Entertainment Work So Well?

Everyone appreciates a much-needed break from the mundane and just have some fun. Online entertainment has never been more popular than now, which makes this virtual event idea a no-brainer, if audience engagement is your primary goal!


Final Thoughts


Think outside the box, and you find that the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating exciting virtual events.

Ready to create your next virtual event and want to partner with an experienced virtual event organiser? Chat with our virtual event experts today and make that dream event a reality!

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