Planning Your Next Corporate Meeting or Conference? Here Are Some Useful Tips and Ideas!

Planning Your Next Corporate Meeting or Conference? Here Are Some Useful Tips and Ideas!

A memorable corporate meeting doesn’t just happen; it requires a lot of planning, well in advance. Whether you are planning to organise a conference or an employee appreciation day, the key to your event’s success lies in the details!

In this article, we will take a look at various aspects of corporate event planning and what it takes to make such events not just successful but also memorable for the attendees. Let’s start from the basics! 

What is a Corporate Event?

An activity organised by an organisation for their employees, clients, stakeholders, the public, or some charity is called a corporate event. So, by definition, corporate events would include anything from team-building events, internal meetings, and corporate parties, to conferences, seminars, and award ceremonies.

Some of the top goals for organising a corporate event include:

  •         Improving relationships with the clients, employees, or stakeholders
  •         Launching a new product, service, or business
  •         Raising money or getting more funding
  •         Getting more sales
  •         Increasing brand awareness


How to Organise a Successful Corporate Meeting or Event

  1.       Set the right goals and prepare a suitable strategy for the event

Great events often have a solid and measurable strategy working for them behind the scenes. But first and foremost, you will need to figure out what purpose your corporate event will be aimed at serving and what its top objectives will be. The focus should still be the on the attendees, so try to be mindful of their expectations.

  1.       Decide on the event’s budget

Once you have set an objective for your corporate event, it’s time to set the budget. Consider all types of expenses which can possibly be incurred during the event. It’s also essential to set limitations on your budget if you want to avoid overspending. Aim to minimise your costs right from the start and use your negotiation skills, wherever possible.

  1.       Zero in on your audience

Defining your target audience has always been an important part of the event planning process. Be it your company’s top executives, managers, business partners, long-time clients, employees, community members, or perhaps a combination of multiple groups – once you can define your audience, you will better equipped to cater the meeting program to suit their interests.

  1.       Decide if you would like to hire an event management company

Finding a suitable event planning partner to help with the event management process is always a nice idea! This way you can focus only on what’s most important, and let their teams do all the heavy lifting. Make sure they have a proven track record and plenty of experience in organising corporate events! 

  1.       Select a theme for the event

Most successful corporate events have an immersive theme while being memorable and entertaining at the same time. Let your event planning team brainstorm and come up with interesting ideas for the event theme. 

  1.       Choose the right kind of venue

Getting the venue right is the key to organising a successful event. Ideally, it should have enough space and amenities to comfortably host your guests and should be at a location that would be easy for them to get to. If you want to do it online, check out our hybrid event details.

  1.       Prepare a list of details

Plan everything, from venue lighting and program content to transportation and parking. Try to ensure no aspect of the event is overlooked or ignored. As they say – “the devil is in the details”.  

  1.       Delegate responsibilities to the right personnel

 Having a single person as the sole in-charge of every tiny detail of the event may not work out that well. Therefore, no matter the size or scope of your corporate event, try to delegate the responsibilities to those with the required expertise, in areas they would most enjoy working on.

  1.       Encourage participation among the attendees

Encouraging participation among the attendees is equally as important as the meeting’s agenda. By taking care of this part as well, you are setting your event for a major success. 

  1.   Encourage your meeting attendees to relax and have fun

Do you think the attendees would enjoy getting sequestered inside the convention centre, the entire time? Give them breaks every once in a while, let them enjoy the outdoors, take them for a walk, or visit the nearby places of attraction, if possible. 

You may also greet them with a bag of local favourites, serve them caffeinated beverages (or other drinks, depending on the audience), cater a meal that features nothing but the city’s best fare, arrange for entertainment or activities, or perhaps add an element of surprise to the meeting – whatever delights them the most!

  1.   Promote the event

In order to generate a significant turn out of the attendees, it’s essential to rely on not just one but several promotional methods. From emailing your target audience and placing ads in relevant industry newsletters, to using social media platforms and even your sales/marketing teams for the promotion – do whatever it takes to get the message out!

Bonus Tip: Follow-up with the attendees via a post-event survey

Nothing is better than closing out a corporate meeting or event with a post-event email and survey. Don’t forget to thank everyone who made the event happen, including the attendees!

Final Thoughts

Be creative, innovative, and organised while planning your corporate meeting or event. Also, consider evaluating and re-evaluating the four main aspects of event planning during the entire process – research, design, coordination, and evaluation. Keep track of everything to ensure there are no shortcomings!

Not sure where to start, or need assistance with event planning? Visit our corporate event management page or  contact our team of expert corporate event planners, today!

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